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Talent Concept

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文化"People use their talents for common development"

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and competition. The company regards talents as the first resource of an enterprise, takes relying on talents as the fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development, respects talents as the fundamental criterion for enterprise development, and promotes the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of the talent strategy.

1. People make the best use of their talents

The company adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy, insists on gathering people with broad development prospects, and inspiring people with beautiful career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective talent mechanism, a positive and good talent growth environment is created, and each employee is provided with a stage to fully display their talents.

The company adheres to the employment principle of "Educational qualifications are more proficiency, professional titles are more competent, experience and abilities are more important, and qualifications are more dedication". Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural atmosphere, the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee is fully mobilized.

2. Common development and sharing success

Without the efforts of employees, there will be no success for the enterprise, and without the success of the enterprise, there will be no success for the employees. The company encourages employees to integrate their own development with the company's long-term planning, and provides employees with multiple growth paths and development models. The company strives to create good growth conditions for every employee, provide every employee with a broad space for development, so that employees can play to their greatest potential, and realize the common development of employees and the company.

The company adheres to the concept of relying on employees for development, developing into employees, sharing development results with employees, focusing on the interests of both the company and employees, advocating unity and cooperation between the company and employees, creating and sharing value together at work, and ultimately achieving the relationship Develop together and share a successful win-win situation.

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